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Solon Feed Mill

Livestock cattle in the fieldSolon Feed Mill proudly offers a wide selection of livestock feed for cattle, pig, sheep and goats, and poultry from high-quality brands like Purina, ADM, Nutrena, and more.

We also carry our own line Feed, Acorn II Feeds, including Non-GMO feed! Acorn II Feeds are manufactured with ingredients from the USA. Whether you’re looking for all-purpose cattle feed, sheep & goat feed, chicken feed, or grains, we have you covered.

Shop us in our stores or shop us online. Click on the categories to browse a selection of our stock of livestock feed and supplies.

Contact the friendly and experienced staff with questions about the products we offer. We’re here to help you find the farm and ranch products you need.



Cattle Feed

Solon Feed Mill offers a selection of cattle feed and livestock essentials. We stock a full line of cattle feed and supplies at either of our store locations in Iowa. Whether you're looking for feed for your cow and calf, weaned calf, replacement feed, or grower & finisher feed, we...

Pig Feed

Pigs, like many of us, are omnivores and will eat a wide variety of foods. Like us, they need a balanced diet of fiber, energy, protein, vitamins and minerals to thrive. Feed will be your largest expenditure in keeping pigs, so it pays to get it right. That's why Solon...

Sheep and Goat Feed

Solon Feed Mill has you covered with sheep and goat feed and supplies. We are proud to offer high-quality feed from Nutrena and our own Acorn II Feed. We stock a wide range of feed including pelleted, textured, block, and mineral feeds. Whether your livestock is young, growing, or lactating...

Poultry Feed

Solon Feed Mill offers a variety of all-natural poultry feeds, supplements and treats that contain sun-grown grains, plant proteins, vitamins and minerals. So you can find what’s best for your flock. From new baby chicks to laying hens, we have the feeds for all stages of your flock. We also...